Arrival Nights

  • Lewis loves working at the casino. He knows the floor well and knows his guests even better. Dependable, straight-laced and helpful, Lewis has developed a close relationship with the Winstons and Carters and looks forward to each and every one of their visits.

    Best part of the day?

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing the casino full of happy guests.

    How did you end up working as a casino host?

    I’ve worked in the service industry since I started my first job as a line cook. Becoming a host has just been a natural progression. I couldn’t be happier here! 

    Favorite thing to do outside of the casino?

    I love karaoke! When I’m not working, you can usually find me on stage serenading people to some of my favorite songs.

    Something people might not know?

    My co-workers sometimes tease me because I still use notebooks to keep track of my contacts.

    In this bonus clip, find out what Lewis thinks of The Winstons.